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The Downers Grove Township Highway Department maintains approximately 70 miles of roadway in the unincorporated areas of Downers Grove Township. The Highway Department has typically had the lowest cost per mile for maintenance of the nine townships in DuPage County.

Highway Department Responsibilities Include*:

*within the road and right-of-way

Highway News

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We are thrilled to announce we launched a new website. Some of the great new freatures include: Mobile & Tablet Friendly We’ve made viewing our website on a mobile device or tablet much easier.  Website Accessibility AccessiBe ADA Tool ADA Compliance Example Website Accessibility to meet ADA recommendations. Such as,

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Ordinances // Permits // Covenants

Ordinances & Guidelines

Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) – is a not-for-profit corporation that provides contractors, excavators, homeowners, and others who may be disturbing the earth, with a free service through a single toll-free phone number, (800) 892-0123, to call for the locating and marking of underground utility facilities. JULIE services the entire state of Illinois, except the city limits of Chicago.

*If digging inside the Chicago city limits, please contact DIGGER at (312) 744-7000.


Excavators must call in their own requests. Call Before You Dig does not mean letting someone else make the call to JULIE. According to state law, the person actually doing the digging (excavator) is required to call JULIE with locate request information;

See Section 4 of the Underground Utilities Damage Prevention Act. JULIE Board policy #01-02 states.
 Link to details.

“Utility locate requests, including those from homeowners, will only be accepted from the excavator or a personal representative/employee of the company engaging in the excavation activity.”

The following Postal Service guidelines apply to the installation of a rural style mailbox on a post in front of your home.

  • Posts should be 4 x 4 inch wood posts or a two (2) inch, thin wall steel pipe. Posts that are more substantial in construction are considered “deadly fixed objects” and are not permitted within the Township R.O.W. such as railroad ties, mailboxes in brick piers, I-beams, etc.
  • The bottom of the mailbox should be 41-45 inches above the ground. The front of the mailbox should be 6-8 inches in from the back of the curb or edge of the road or shoulder.
  • Place reflective material on the side of the box visible to approaching traffic, also, 4″ high letters to identify the address is recommended to assist emergency vehicles.
  • If the mailbox does not conform to the above guidelines, the Township will not be held responsible.
  • If installed properly and the mailbox is damaged by Township equipment when snow plowing, we will replace it with a “standard” 4 x 4 wood post and support. Mailbox replacement is the standard box, model 1C. If the post is damaged, it will be repaired temporarily and replaced in the Spring or Summer. Not all mailbox damage is from the Township equipment. Old, rotted, rusted through posts, or vandalized boxes are not the Township’s responsibility.

USPS Mailbox GuidelinesYour participation and cooperation in complying with the above will be greatly appreciated by your postal carrier, postal service and Downers Grove Township Highway Department.


The Township and DuPage County require a permit for removal and replacement of existing driveways.


A signed covenant agreement from homeowners is required for brick drives, invisible fences and sprinklers with the public right of way (ROW). 

Brush Pickup

Brush Pickup Dates & Non-Compliance

We provide residents with wood chips/mulch and Christmas tree pickup for FREE!

*Christmas tree pickup the first two weeks of the year.

Ordinances & Permits

A signed covenant agreement from homeowners is required for brick drives, invisible fences and sprinklers with the public right of way (ROW). The township and DuPage County require a permit for removal and replacement of existing driveways. The township has a “No Parking During 1 inch Snowfall” ordinance.

Snow & Ice Removal

Snow Ordinance Sign

The Downers Grove Township Highway Department begins salting when the snow starts to accumulate and traffic safety is affected. We spread rock salt treated with liquid calcium chloride, which will melt snow and ice when ambient temperatures are as low as 0 degrees.

Our crew does not intentionally “plow in” your drive nor aim for your mailbox. Our snow plows are of the same side delivering design as all other municipalities. This is the fastest and most efficient means to remove snow from streets. As a result, snow is discharged to the curb and inevitably into driveways. If possible, delay the time you clear your driveway until the plows have cleared your street.

Occasionally, heavy slush discharged from a plow will knock down a mailbox. Most mailboxes, if properly placed and installed, will withstand heavy slush. The Township will not be responsible for damage to improperly placed mailboxes. If your mailbox meets specifications and is damaged as a result of our work, contact the Township and we will replace it.

Please be aware that Downers Grove Township has entered into an agreement with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the other townships in DuPage County. Under this agreement, the Sheriff’s office will aggressively enforce parking restrictions on our roads, and citations will be processed through the Circuit Court.

Public Works Mutual Aid

The township is a member of DuPage County’s – Public Works Mutual Aid Program (PWMA). The highway department along with the other townships in the county are part of one of the nation’s first Public Works Mutual Aid programs. Pooling resources to better serve our residents in the event of a disaster.

Storm Assistance - Highway Department
Mission Statement

It shall be the mission of the members of the DuPage County Public Works Mutual Aid System to assist one another upon request, by pooling resources, assembling task forces, and committing those resources to respond to a declared emergency or disaster.

What is Public Works Mutual Aid (PWMA)?

Organized, Written Program to assist communities that are stricken by a Declared Emergency or Disaster. Providing Equipment and Individuals with expertise in using that equipment to assist a community in need.

PWMA Method


Coyote on Fence
Coyote on Fence

The Township is home to a wide variety of wildlife. You may encounter bats, birds, coyotes, deer, ducks, geese, hawks, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, skunks, snakes, and squirrels to name a few.   Coyotes: (Courtesy of Dupage County) Coyotes have been prevalent in the news recently. Cats and small dogs should not be left outside unattended. Coyotes view these animals as a food source.

If you see a coyote that is actively acting aggressively towards a human (charging or trying to bite) call DuPage Animal Care and Control at (630)407-2800 x 0 if you reside in unincorporated DuPage County; or call your local police department if you live within the city limits. 

Strategies for dealing with coyotes:

Additional suggested resources for information on wildlife/coyotes:

For after-hours emergency animal related issues in UNINCORPORATED DuPage County, call the DuPage County Sheriff’s Department at (630)407-2400.

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