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I‘m happy to announce that the Downers Grove Township Highway Department has entered into a contract with AVA E-Recycling to resume our electronic recycling program. There will be a few changes to our program:

  1. Audio & video cassettes as well as CD’s will no longer be accepted.
  2. All TV/Monitors will need to have a prepaid coupon/receipt (see what the receipt looks like here) from AVA to be accepted.
  3. The receipt must be printed out and brought with to the electronic drop off, otherwise the TV/monitors cannot be accepted!
  4. Prices for recycling TV/Monitors and coupon purchases can be obtained by going to AVA’s website at avarecycling.com and clicking on the municipal box on the top left portion of the screen. Electronic Recycling Pricing Flier. Prices range from fifteen dollars to sixty dollars.
  5. A copy of the coupon can be taken to AVA’s retail store in Glendale Heights to be used as cash towards the purchase of refurbished electronic equipment.
  6. Our electronic recycling dates are as follows, from 8 am – 12 pm , on the third Saturday of each month at the same time and location, unless that date falls on a holiday weekend.
  7. Dates for 2018:
    1. January 20
    2. February 17
    3. March 17
    4. April 21
    5. May 19
    6. June 16
    7. July 21
    8. August 18
    9. September 15
    10. October 20
    11. November 17
    12. December 15
  8. Events close promptly at noon and electronics can only be dropped off on event dates. Drop offs out side of designated hours are not allowed.
  9. Location: Highway Garage, 318 East Quincy Street, Westmont IL 60559.

For further information, please call Downers Grove Township Highway Department at (630) 719-6625.


Andy Anderson



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