Supervisor Mark Thoman checks in: Two long overdue projects off the to-do list.

In August 2016 the Department of Homeland Security did an analysis of the Township building and identified several areas where employee and guest safety, security, and access could be improved. A walk through last year by the DGPD stressed that safety and security for public-facing doors and locks was a major concern. Hollow wooden doors with 1/2″ locks and round door knobs were all replaced with metal doors and frames, and ADA compliant door handle levers. 30+ years of lost and duplicated keys were replaced with a key card security system. Higher deeper counters with more storage look nice and provide a larger work surface. Customers have said they like the changes a lot. A fairly big project that took close to two months.


Safer access

Next up, the south entrance curb, sidewalk, and building entrance slab. The slab had broken away from the building, was sinking, and couldn’t be mud jacked into place, so it had to be replaced. The cracked and uneven poured concrete sidewalk was replaced with permeable pavers over a deep crushed stone and gravel bed, decreasing our non-permeable surface by over 100sf and adding a little over 300cf of storm run off storage (not much, but every bit helps). Lastly, several section of sidewalk and raised “tripping curb” were removed and re-poured to provide ADA compliant access to the south entrance. A fast project, but very messy. Now food pantry recipients, many aged and/or infirm, have a safer walkway.

What do you think we should plant here? The south side is sun blasted all day. Some sun loving big hydrangeas or maybe some judicious Burberry shrubs, or some more pollinator friendly bushes? Some tiny (so they’re inexpensive) Japanese maples to flank the entrance? A bit of everything?

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