RE: Peer Jury Program

Effective July 25, 2017, the Peer Jury program administered by the Human Services Department of Downers Grove Township has been suspended.

DG Township Supervisor Mark Thoman released the following update:

We are pleased and encouraged to see residents following up on the consensus reached as a direct result of frank discussions at our August 3, 2017 Trustee meeting. Residents with strong skill sets have volunteered to step forward to research how they might organize a community based organization that would implement and oversee a juvenile court diversion program, working with interested municipalities. Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General, has a plethora of pertinent information on her website here:

Townships constantly push to be the most efficient and responsive unit of local government. In trying to be so, the Township’s Human Services Department has administered a Peer Jury Program for the residents and on behalf of the municipalities of the Township for many years. Now due to a reorganization of the Human Services Department, compelled upon the Township by funding cuts by the State of Illinois, the Township can no longer provide the longstanding Peer Jury Program to our Township residents.

For further information about the other programs still administered by the Township’s Human Services Department, please call the Township at 630-719-6610.



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