The Township of Downers Grove is proud to be a part of the Youth in Crisis Coalition. The Mission of the Coalition is to engage youth, parents, and organizations to reduce suicide attempts and completions and disrupt the journey to suicide. The Youth in Crisis Coalition will achieve this by providing tools, skills, and resources to help manage anxiety, stress, mental illness, and depression.

For more information about the Youth in Crisis Coalition please visit their website at:

Or you can visit their Facebook Page at:

Over the year’s the Township’s Department of Human Services has dedicated their Life Skills Program and Peer Led Life Skills Program to engaging youth 10 – 18 years old on building healthy coping strategies to target stress and anxiety as well as identifying bullying and how to overcome mental health barriers. The Life Skills Program promotes prevention efforts that empower youth to be leaders in their community and ways to engage others in healthy mental health living.

To learn more about our Life Skills Program and Peer Led Life Skills Program please visit our websites at:

Life Skills:

Peer Led Life Skills:

Lauren Aramburu

Life Skills Coordinator
Downers Grove Township
Direct (630) 719-6684

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