On Friday, June 5th, 2020, Downers Grove Township broke ground on its long-planned Township Multi-purpose Senior Center. The project is located immediately next door to the existing Township offices located at 4340 Prince, Downers Grove IL.

Attending the brief ceremony were over representatives of the non-profit volunteer groups and educational institutions that will make use of the facility and grounds: the FISH Food and Clothing Pantry, the DuPage Senior Citizens Council, and Downers Grove North High School Environmental Science Department, GardenWorks, and the Conservation Foundation. Friends for Downers Grove Township Seniors, a tax-deductible non-profit, is also raising funds to outfit the building interior. Also attending were representatives of E.P. Doyle, of Wheaton IL, the General Contractor for the project.

      Supervisor Mark Thoman said, “This is a project being built by local businesses, and will give over 110 tradesmen, most who live here in DuPage County, work this year, jobs now, help for the economy now, for our residents that we want to better help. We’ll end up with a facility that allows us to better serve those who need it most for many, many years to come.”

      Township Supervisor Mark Thoman also noted, “The most asked question when people looked at the drawings is ‘Where are the offices?’ but there aren’t any, this isn’t an office building, it’s here so we can better serve our residents. It’s nothing fancy, mainly publicly accessible, ADA compliant spaces for our partners, and our Human and Senior Service meetings and events. These are spaces we currently do not have, and very much need.”

      Downers Grove Township saved up money over several years for the project. Supervisor Thoman noted there was no borrowing or debt involved, and that, despite having frozen or reduced the Township General Fund tax levy for the last four years, he does not anticipate any tax increases being needed due to the building.

For more information visit the Downers Grove Township Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DG-Township-Multi-purpose-Senior-Center-102347778146312/?modal=admin_todo_tour

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