The Township regrets that, due to a positive COVID case in the building during a meeting in November, until further notice Board of Trustee meetings will be held electronically and will be open to the public via Zoom only. We’ve been very careful all year: we come to work, we go home, we don’t go out much and when we do we wear masks, keep our distance, and wash our hands. Enough time has lapsed and everyone tested negative all along so we dodged a potential huge problem, but just one person threw the whole building out of whack. We can’t risk exposure to our employees and to the public in general, and expect to continue providing assistance to our residents.

Zoom is free and you can sign up for Zoom here:

We’re not experts at Zoom so bear with us. The meetings will still be recorded and posted. We’ll figure it out.

Residents will still have an opportunity to speak during Public Comment.  We ask comments to be kept to three minutes and address Downers Grove Township issues. Any questions or comments can also be emailed to Who will read them into the record during public comments. Use a topic header like “Public Comment for December” so we know what it is (we get a LOT of emails). Please refrain from profanity and personal attacks directed at people, and please be respectful of all residents. Thank you.

We will return to normal meetings as soon as practical.

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