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DuPage ROE Continues STEM Initiative

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The Regional Office of Education (ROE) STEM Team is pleased to announce the first of three educator workshops this year geared toward grade 5-8 educators. On October 9 ROE will hold the first workshop to learn more about implementing NGSS science and engineering practices. The educator workshops are free of charge, and provide Continuing Education […]

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STEM Update

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We’re very pleased that at the end of February the US House passed Resolution 77 codifying their support for STEM initiatives, validating our work so far. Every US Representative of any portion of DuPage County, regardless of party affiliation, all voted in support of Resolution 77, supporting STEM as an education initiative.

DuPage County in […]

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Downers Grove Township is proud to take a leading role in beginning this process. We believe responsive responsible government can create opportunity for our residents many ways. Helping start a regional STEM initiative is but one.

Following is the agenda followed at the meeting with featured speakers and programs noted.

Du Page County Regional STEM […]

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More than 50 representatives of school districts and businesses attended the first DuPage County Regional STEM Conference to learn about STEM resources and programs, and discuss bringing the education initiative to school districts across DuPage County.

STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, aims to prepare high school and college graduates for high-tech […]

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The Du Page County Regional Office of Education has informed us that CPDU’s are available for any qualified education professionals who attended the November 13th STEM Exploratory Conference.

Attendees are encouraged to contact the ROE for details:

Ms. Kelly Kozerka
Division Assistant
DuPage Regional Office of Education
421 N. County Farm Road
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