Weed/Grass Control

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

All residential property in the Downers Grove Township must be maintained by the owner. Our Township ordinance requires that homeowners keep their yard mowed to a height of no more than 8″ and obnoxious weeds be removed.

If we receive any complaints about any property, including foreclosed/abandoned homes, that have grass over 8″ or an abundance of weeds, it is the policy of Downers Grove Township that the last known homeowner will receive a certified letter from the Township. If they do not mow their property, the Township will mow and a lien of not less than $300.00 will be placed against the property. The owner will be responsible for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred from the mowing of the property. 

Prairie grasses and wildflowers are not considered a violation of the ordinance.  

The Illinois statute is 60 ILCS 1/105-15

To file a complaint, please call the Supervisor office at 630-719-6614.

(Filing a complaint is a process. Resolution of the complaint can take anywhere from 1 to 45 days.)


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