Weed Control

Vacant private property in unincorporated Downers Grove Township must be maintained by the owner. By law, it must be mowed to a reasonable height at least twice a year and unsightly trash and debris removed. If you know who an absentee owner is, please notify the Township office. If a vacant property is not properly mowed and otherwise maintained, the Township will contact the property owner to have it cut. If the owner still fails to mow the property, the township will arrange the cutting, and will bill the owner for the service and any fines. Any bill which goes unpaid is placed as a lien on the subject property. For more information please contact Gary Ostrowski.

Refer to DG Township Weed Ordinance, dated July 5th, 2012.

Gary Ostrowski
Phone: (630) 719-6610
Fax: (630) 719-6608


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