Multi-purpose Senior Center

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Videos of the Progress
New Sidewalk Passage
New Building Parking Lot
New Fish Pantry

End of January and we’re almost there. All building systems and hardware is installed and operating. Building mechanical systems and utility connections are all up and running and have passed inspections. Final inspections are today, Friday January 28, and Monday, February, 1. All building systems and hardware is installed and operating. We hope to have out conditional occupancy permit soon.

End of December and we’re buttoned up. The STEM Lab plantings and landscaping areas are ready for overwinter with erosion blankets in place. All compensatory stormwater elements are installed, tested, and working properly. Parking lot is finished and open. Highway Department has a rubber tipped snow plow blade ready to install on one of their pickup trucks so we can keep the whole lot clear and not trash the bricks. Crosswalk is striped, and all remaining exterior concrete finished.

As you can see from the bottom picture, We still have exterior lighting to install. Interior painting and floor seal, installation of hallway and bathroom tile, carpet tiles in meeting room, all remain on the to do list. Kitchen installation is on schedule for late January, and so is the massive move of the FISH Food and Clothing Pantry that is currently busting at the seams serving 85+ families a week!

December so far we’ve had a few milestones. ComEd has fired up power to the building. In turn the HVAC system is up and running going through testing. All exterior glass and doors are in, and locks are installed. Once the building has “settled in” with heat and light, drywall taping and sanding can proceed, then painting, then a million other details. Outside, the permeable pavers in the parking lot and the beige window toppers are being installed. The upright walls sticking out from the building are intended to provide a wind break from the winter winds that predominantly come from the west and south west.

Still November we’re racing to get closed up with heat and power before nasty weather slows us down. Utilities coming in, windows in, doors going in, insulation done, drywall going up, lots of concrete for sidewalks and curbs.

The underground compensatory stormwater storage is an expensive component of the project. It provides massive backup storage for the underground storm sewer alongside us that runs south on Saratoga. More than 24,000cf of compensatory stormwater storage is underneath the parking lot

October closes out with snow (!) causing delays. Inside work continues, required inspections going great. Brickwork should be done by end of next week. Windows on order. The gray above the windows is the flexible sealing membrane that was painted on the entire building.

End of September. With the shell up, inside work begins..

Opening up Saratoga to make the needed sewer connection went smoothly.

Concrete and steel. The yellow boards are dense fiberglass coated sheathing.

Friends for Downers Grove Township Seniors Board Chair Robert Petranek has a drone and took some great pics. We’ve asked him to do this again as the project progresses because it’s neat! To view these larger, right click and “Open Image In New Tab”.

Instead of the old bulky concrete forms, the subcontractor used new smooth forms held in place by steel rods and a wooden scaffolding. The and result were smooth strong dense walls needing little further work. Up fast, in fast, done fast.

July was a messy month of rain and digging. The foundation footing and the piers for the steel support beams were the first of several concrete pours.

Township Multi-Purpose Senior Center Groundbreaking


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