Coming Again Soon! Our popular Senior Topic Series will begin again on Thursday, September 19th from 11-1pm in the Township Meeting Room at 4340 Prince St. Downers Grove. A FREE lunch will be provided. Find out what you don’t hear, and what can help make life a little easier! 

As we age, hearing can become a little more difficult… although we sometimes hate to admit it. All that hard core music blasting in our ears when we were younger, noisy jobs and a noisier environment, in general, has contributed to this decline. More seniors are working in their professions longer, taking care of grandchildren, traveling and leading very busy lives. Why decrease that productivity through social isolation brought on by hearing loss?

Find out what you can do to help yourself… before your kids insist on it…

New technologies have been developed to assist us in everyday life. Find out what some of them are by attending our seminar. Be PROACTIVE!

Contact Cathy Rager to register for the class! 

Senior Survival Series

Cathy Rager
Senior Services Coordinator
Downers Grove Township
Phone: 630-719-6686
Email: (Township Liaison for FFDGTS)

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