Financial Relief Programs

Benefit Access Program (formerly known as Circuit Breaker) provides:

1)    RTA Ride Free Transit cards for persons age 65 and older

2)    RTA Ride Free cards for persons with disabilities

3)    Secretary of State License Plate Discounts

Income for the previous year must be below $27,610/individual or $36,635/couple. Applications are available online only: help to apply is provided at the township office. For an appointment call (630) 719-6686.

Free Coast2Coast Rx Prescription Drug Discount Cards – all township residents, regardless of income, age, or health status may participate in the program and save on the cost of medications. Card savings can apply to both brand name and generic drugs. This program has saved cardholders throughout the nation up to 55% on the cost of prescription drugs. Savings are also offered on medical services such as dental care, vision care, hearing care and more. Residents may obtain an Rx card at participating pharmacies, governmental offices, libraries and the township office. You can also register and print the Rx card, check prescription prices and view the nearest participating pharmacy locations at

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Programs (LIHEAP) – assists eligible households to pay for winter heating services. Eligibility is determined by household size, income, geographical location and type of fuel used. Home visits are available to assist home-bound persons in applying. For further information call DuPage County Senior Services at (800) 942-9412.

Weatherization Assistance – includes the repair of windows and doors as well as maintaining, repairing, or possibly replacing furnace units. Household income must be at least 200% of the federal poverty guideline, or there must be a member of the household who receives certain other assistance programs. For further information, call DuPage County Senior Citizen Services(800) 942-9412.

Prevention of Spousal Impoverishment – federal law protects spouses of nursing home residents from losing all of their income and assets to pay for nursing home care for their spouse. In 2014, laws changed that allowed the community based spouse to keep their home and car plus $109,560 of other assets and $2,739 of the couple’s combined monthly income. For more information call (800) 252-8966; (800)206-1327/tty or visit

Counseling for Senior Homeowners – the DuPage Homeownership Center offers free, confidential, unbiased information and counseling to senior homeowners about reverse mortgages, tax relief options and low-cost home repair programs that can help seniors maintain their independence. For an appointment call (630) 260-2500.

Property Tax Relief Programs (Residents age 65 and older)

Senior Homestead Exemption – reduces the equalized assessed value of your property by $5,000 (in 2014). Note: This is in addition to the Residential Exemption Homestead of $6,000 in equalized assessed value. Contact the Township Assessor’s Office at (630) 719-6630.

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption – freezes the equalized assessed value of your property if your household income is below $55,000 (in 2014). Note: This does not freeze the amount of your property tax bill, which will still increase if tax rates increase. For more information contact the DuPage County Supervisor of Assessments Office at (630) 407-5858, or the Township Assessor’s Office at (630) 719-6630.

Real Estate Tax Deferral – allows property owners whose income is below $55,000 (in 2014) to defer all or part of their real estate tax payments. Repayment plus interest of 6% annually is made when the senior sells the property or within a year of his or her death. For further information contact the DuPage County Treasurer at(630) 407-5900.


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