Supervisor Thoman reports:

In 2018 the Township replaced 112 failing aged fluorescent light fixtures with new state of the art LED panels. That investment reduced our electric bills by about $500/month. With energy rebates and purchasing group price savings, it has already paid for itself. Saving money long term for the taxpayer, and using green technology to do it, that got my attention. That’s a slam dunk win-win to do the right thing AND lower costs.

“In early 2019 I began a process of scrounging for Rebuild Illinois Funds for a roof top PV solar array designed to eliminate the balance of our electric bills, even spin the meter backwards to take advantage of net metering. Conservative estimates showed we could save over $200,000 the first 25 years. When I presented this at the 2019 Annual Town Meeting as part of a larger plan that included the now almost open Township Center, it was met with applause and approval by all attending residents. Since then I received almost 100% positive comments. Taxpayers get it: a one time expense that results in decades of recurring savings via lowered spending is a good thing.

“On January 22, 2021, almost three years later, we are advised Downers Grove Township has been approved for “a Line Item Appropriation of $125,000 for costs associated with capital improvements for solar projects.” 

“Back then, the only firm commitments I obtained were from State Senator Suzy Glowiak, and State Representative Ann Stava-Murray. I would like to thank them for supporting this project that, like the lighting, reduces costs to the taxpayer using green technology.

“We are working through the paperwork process to move this forward. There are many approval steps needed, but we’ll keep our shoulder to this stone and see what becomes of it.

“My hope is we can complete this project before I leave office on May 14th of this year. Fingers crossed and knock on wood!

A PPT slide from the 2019 Annual Towns Meeting featuring a proposed roof top array of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

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