Dear Parents,

The Downers Grove Township Division of Human Services is excited to provide this Parent Page as a community resource. We hope that this page assists parents who are looking for community information, facts, or guidance on teenage alcohol/drug use, mental health matters and/or healthy adolescent coping skills.

Raising your children through the teen years can be challenging to any parent. It is natural for teens to test boundaries and want to have new experiences. Sadly, along with the new experiences comes unhealthy decision-making.

By paying close attention to the current drug and alcohol trends and community information, this page will help assist you throughout your child’s teenage years. We intend for these resources to guide you to build stronger and healthier relationships with your children.

Lauren Aramburu
Life Skills Coordinator
Division of Human Services
Phone: (630) 719-6684

Cathy Rager

Prevention Specialist
Division of Human Services
Phone: (630) 719-6686

Data Resources & Referrals
Glenbard Parent Series
Parent Drug Guide
Drug & Alcohol Warning Signs
Teenage Drinking Myths vs. Facts
Marijuana & Medical Marijuana
Trending Topics
“Let’s Talk Parents” Campaign
Human Services Contact Form


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