Remodeling work beings April 9th.

Downers Grove Township begins interior construction on Monday, April 9th to replace doors, locks, and counter spaces in the Township building located at 4340 Prince Street in Downers Grove. Township offices will remain open with normal business hours during construction. The project timetable runs through the end of May.

Township Supervisor, Mark Thoman reports: “The main hallway of our building will be a construction zone for the next two months. Residents, please bear with us, and take extra care when you visit. We’re updating our doors, locks, and counter areas that are old and inadequate. We’ll miss that retro ’70’s rec room’ look we’re accustomed to, but it’s important all residents can access the public areas of the building, and that employees have an accessible workspace that’s safe and secure.”

“The Township building is unchanged since being purchased by the Township in 1979, forty years ago. This is the first of several projects targeting areas in need of major repair and updating. Several years ago former Supervisor, Frank Wurster began the process of saving up the needed funds bit by bit, and we’re now in position to begin the needed work without borrowing. That’s a benefit of Township government few others can claim — we don’t have any debt and want to keep it that way.”




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