Oral health care is discussed on the Vintage Times, a local cable television program for older persons.

As we age it becomes increasingly important that we take good care of our teeth, gums and other parts of our mouth. This program discusses common dental and oral health care issues experienced by older persons. “Our mouth is a window to the rest of our body. A healthy mouth can help us to eat and talk comfortably and it can enhance our general wellbeing,” says Beth Enke of the DuPage County Health Department.

This program can be seen on the following channels:

• DGTV channel 6, during the month of December 2016 on Mondays and Fridays at 10:30 am
• Comcast channel 19, during the month of January 2017 on Thursdays at 6 pm
• In the Village of Darien, daily at 4 pm on channel 6

DVD copies will be available for loan at public libraries in Downers Grove, Darien, and Westmont as well as at the Township office.

Hanna Benioff
Senior Services Coordinator
Division of Human Services
Phone: (630) 719-6682
Fax: (630) 719-6608
Email: hanna.benioff@dgtownship.com

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