When you walk into his office, there is evidence everywhere that he is a busy guy. Then, when you start to talk to him, you understand what you see. Mark Domnenko is founder and owner of the faith based company, AVA Recycling. He is an entrepreneur through and through. His ability to look to the needs of the future has benefited the residents of Downers Grove Township through our electronic recycling program. The Township has a very valuable partnership with AVA Recycling to help residents dispose of electronics in a convenient and economical way. Since the passing of the Illinois Electronic Products Recycling and Reuse Act On January 1, 2012, this type of relationship is one that the Township highly values and sees an important benefit to our residents.

Mark came to this country from Kazakhstan as a young man with his parents. It is apparent from his drive that he was ready and able to fully enjoy the opportunities that our country had to offer to anyone who put in the time and effort. Mark said that he’s always been his own boss and he finds great joy in implementing new ideas. Even if there are complications, it never deters him; as a matter of fact, he thrives on them.

Mark’s first business was a construction partnership with his dad. He then bought a car wash that was very innovative – they came and picked up your car. The success of that concept eventually led to him launching a car dealership. It would take several pages to talk about all of the businesses that he has launched over the years. One of the qualities that he possesses that contribute to his success is that he is not afraid to fail. Not all of his businesses have been successful but it has never squelched his entrepreneurial spirit.

When I asked Mark one of the best pieces of advice that he has received, he was very contemplative. Then, this is what he had to say: “There is a book that I read called the “E-Myth”. This book said that you need to define who you are. Define whether you are a technician, a manager or an entrepreneur. Once you identify your strengths, you will be successful because you can find people who have the qualities that you don’t. ” I told him that it is very clear that he is an entrepreneur and he has been successful in finding the technicians and managers that have contributed to the success of AVA Recycling. Mark said that many individuals have questions about recycling, particularly TV’s. He wants residents to know that AVA is always willing to talk to residents and answer any questions.

You can find their contact information as well as information about what they do from their website: www.avarecycling.com.

Separate from the recycling work done for residents of Downers Grove Township, AVA provides recycling to additional areas. You can find information here:

Dupage County Pick Up: https://www.avarecycling.com/
Recycling Events Page: https://www.escrap.org/

When Mark isn’t busy innovating and investing time in work and other entrepreneurial adventures, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children. He is classically trained in piano and he spends a lot of time creating music and videos that he self produces and releases. This is something that he does with his wife so they get to spend time together doing something that they both love.

Mark, Downers Grove Township and its’ residents benefit from your entrepreneurship, drive and passion to help others. It is an honor to serve with you.

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