Julie WatermanThe epitome of kindness and caring is embodied in this months “Face of Downers Grove Township”. Julie Waterman joined Downers Grove Township as a Life Skills teacher in September of 2012. Her passion for teaching kids was evident and since she has joined our family, the impact that she has had on the students she’s taught is evident.   When asked about some of the more rewarding aspects of her job, Julie smiled and said, “Seeing them open up when they share their stories. Some of these are sensitive topics: bullying, addiction. Hearing them talk about how it impacts them, their friends and their family really makes me want to help them to really “get it” and find answers within themselves.” When not at the township, Julie enjoys a variety of things: Spending time with her husband (he’s a high school Principal), watching her three boys play sports, going to her book club (she just finished reading “100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out a Window), playing golf, and traveling with her family. When asked about what she would do if she retired tomorrow, she would like to spend more time volunteering and making an impact on kids. Thinking about what would surprise her co-workers, she said that growing up, she went to an all girls Catholic School. This meant uniforms so when she went away to college, she really didn’t have a thing to wear or a sense of style. Now that is funny. If she were guaranteed success, Julie would like to try her hand at being a high school guidance counselor or just some job that gives her the ability to help kids. You see, the passion for kids is quite obvious!

Julie Waterman, you are an important Face of Downers Grove Township. We are proud to serve with you.


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