If you are greeted by Jeanne Hatfield when you go to the Assessor’s Department, the first thing you’ll notice is her warm smile. That smile has been brightening up the day of many since she started at the township in September of 2001, just two weeks after 9-11. Prior to working at the Township, Jeanne worked in the mortgage business. So, she brought with her the desire and experience to help people, often with some very challenging situations. Jeanne said that it is her contact with people and working with them to find solutions to a problem that is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. One of the interesting facts about Jeanne is that she was born and raised in Guam. At age 19, Jeanne married and moved to the states. Being able to walk to the beach and the great barbecues are some of the things she fondly remembers about her years in Guam. When not serving the public at the township, Jeanne has alot of interests such as watching good movies, crocheting, being involved with her church and reading a good book. One of her favorite books is “Father Time”. If Jeanne were to retire tomorrow, she would spend more time traveling to places new and old. She’s pretty adventurous and would love to go back to the Grand Canyon for some white water rafting. When asked about something that would surprise her co-workers about her, at first she said, “There’s nothing really interesting about me to tell.” Of course later she realized that wasn’t completely accurate. When she shared that she used to race in the Regatta, I told her, “That definitely qualifies as interesting!” One day, if she were guaranteed success, Jeanne would love to open a craft business. She’s thought about it for many years and just loves to create. That type of business would allow her to do something she really enjoys. It’s a dream that lingers. Jeanne, we appreciate the dedication and integrity you have displayed to our residents and the township for all of these years. We hope to have you year for many more.

Jeanne Hatfield, you are an important Face of Downers Grove Township. We are proud to serve with you.

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