You only need to meet Hanna Benioff once for your life to be forever changed for the better. She is a tremendous inspiration, havingserved the residents of Downers Grove Township for 29 years (it willbe 30 years in June). As the Senior Services Coordinator, Hanna hasdedicated her heart to helping so many of our residents and their families.

When talking about the most rewarding aspects of her job, Hanna smiled. “When I get to help seniors who have a vast array of needs. I like being able to provide them or their family with information about the wealth of programs and services that are important to senior residents.” Not only has Hanna dedicated many years to serving here at the Township, but she is a great role model for “aging well”. When she isn’t at work, Hanna enjoys a variety of activities, keeping her mind and body healthy. Whether it’s spending time with family or friends, making her garden grow, or going to the gym three times per week, Hanna makes the most out of every day. What is amazing about her is that she does all of this with a hearing impairment. She has never let it deter her from putting forth her best efforts every day. As a matter of fact, for 19 years she served as president of the Illinois Cochlear Implant Chapter, demonstrating that you can overcome life Challenges with great aplomb. She is no stranger to challenge.

Having grown up in Israel, Hanna knows what it means to overcome. As an only child, she grew up in a country where she was surrounded by regular skirmishes and war. At age 18, she joined the Israeli Military and served in the Airforce. Her job was in a top secret radar room so we can’t tell you anything about it. Hanna says that if she retired tomorrow, she would go back to school, take classes and volunteer her time. She loves learning and the idea of going back to school is exciting. She also would like to be able to find a way to help disadvantaged people, regardless of who they are or where they live. Being able to help people make the most of their lives is something that is of value to her. This purely reflects the tremendous heart that Hanna possesses. Those who have known her and worked with her these past 29 (almost 30) years are truly better for knowing her.

Hanna Benioff, you are an important face of Downers Grove Township. We are proud to serve with you.

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