When you first meet Amber, you are greeted by a warm smile. As one of the newest members of the Assessor’s Office, that smile will be one that will radiate and put those at ease whom she is talking to.

Amber came to the township in August of this year. When talking to her, you would never, in a million years, guess who her previous employer was before coming here.: Statesville Prison. I’m sure some people would wonder how she got from there to

here. The path is actually pretty logical. It is about helping people. As a correctional officer, for her brief nine months there, she saw a lot. It reminded her of what is important in life and she knew then that helping people was of great value. She just realized that particular path of doing it wasn’t for her. Since she loves working with numbers, this job was a nice fit for her. For the township, that realization was our gain.

When Amber isn’t at work, there are a variety of things she enjoys doing. You can pretty much find her enjoying anything that involves the outdoors. Whether it’s taking a walk or bringing her dog Rousch to Ty Warner Park, if it’s outside, she’s there. Here’s an interesting tidbit about her dog’s name, he’s named after her step-dad’s Ford Mustang.

Amber, we are so glad that you have chosen this new career path. Your warmth and desire to want to help and serve others will benefit many.   The township is honored to have you a part of its’ family.

Amber Nicosia, you are an important Face of Downers Grove Township. We are proud to serve with you.

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