Tom Schneider, Superintendent of District 180, Cathy Rager, Paula Dupont, Chairman, District 180 School Board

One of the greatest pleasures of working within the Township community has been the incredible opportunity to teach and engage youth with important life skills information at an early age, watch them grow and begin to utilize these skills more fully. Additionally, role playing and guiding our students through drug refusal skills, in this day and age, is even more important with the resurgence of opioid abuse and heroin use along with the usual suspects of marijuana, alcohol and tobacco and their changing policies.

As a member of the Township Human Services staff, I have been a presence in the District 180 School District (southeast portion of our Township) for about 14 years. I’ve had the great privilege of teaching Too Good for Drugs, creating and overseeing peer mediation teams and leadership groups, conducting Communication Campaigns, referring students to other Township programs, recruiting for the Illinois Youth Survey and participating in community outreach and events including: health fairs, parent nights, community meetings, focus groups and more.

I value the collaborations with parents, teachers, district staff and most of all the youth who have become young men and women over that period of time. As I move from my Prevention Specialist position in Youth Services to Senior Services Coordinator under the Township Human Services umbrella, I strive to maintain a presence on this lifetime continuum with all of our Township residents.

On October 30, 2017, the District 180 School board and Superintendent Tom Schneider chose to award me with a beautiful timepiece imprinted with the words, “In Recognition 13 ½ Years of Service to the Students of CCSD 180” I am truly honored to be recognized for this milestone of service for our Township Youth, and thank District 180 for allowing me to do so. Theirs is a very special community that strives hard to be the very best they can be!

Cathy Rager

Senior Services Coordinator
Prevention Specialist
Phone: 630-719-6686

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