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Dear Parents,

The Downers Grove Township Division of Human Services is excited to provide this Parent Page as a community resource. We hope that this page assists parents who are looking for community information, facts or guidance, especially in regards to teenage alcohol/drug use, mental health matters and/or healthy adolescent coping skills.

Raising your children through the teen years can be challenging to any parent. It is natural for teens to test boundaries and want to have new experiences. Sadly, along with the new experiences, comes unhealthy decision-making.

The Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) is a premium tool in our local tool box that provides data on actual self-reported youth substance use, perceptions of use, access to substances, mental health issues, obesity and nutrition, bullying, community safety, school connectedness, parental involvement and perceptions of parent and/or community adult approval or disapproval of use and more. 

The IYS is offered to all Illinois school students in 8th, 10th and 12th grades every 2 years (2018 is the last survey). Not all schools opt to give this free survey, and parents have a choice of opting out for their child. 

State and County data is posted on the IYS website as it becomes available. The survey is usually given between January and May on the even years with an option of doing it online. More and more schools are using this option. County data is posted in the fall of the year it is taken, and state data is usually posted in the Spring of the following year. 

The IYS offers charts with comparisons of your county to the state data, while individual schools’ data is utilized to guide programs and activities surrounding the results. Individual participants are anonymous, overall results are private to the school and not shared with the public. Parents can contact their school for more information.

2018 DuPage County Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) Report:

Please review the following resources and data for your community.

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