Snow & Ice Removal

The Downers Grove Township Highway Department begins salting when the snow starts to accumulate and traffic safety is affected. We spread rock salt treated with liquid calcium chloride, which will melt snow and ice when ambient temperatures are as low as 0 degrees.

Our crew does not intentionally “plow in” your drive nor aim for your mailbox. Our snow plows are of the same side delivering design as all other municipalities. This is the fastest and most efficient means to remove snow from streets. As a result, snow is discharged to the curb and inevitably into driveways. If possible, delay the time you clear your driveway until the plows have cleared your street.

Occasionally, heavy slush discharged from a plow will knock down a mailbox. Most mailboxes, if properly placed and installed, will withstand heavy slush. The Township will not be responsible for damage to improperly placed mailboxes. If your mailbox meets specifications and is damaged as a result of our work, contact the Township and we will replace it.

*Please be aware that Downers Grove Township has entered into an agreement with the Clerk of the Circuit Court and the other townships in DuPage County. Under this agreement, the Sheriff’s office will aggressively enforce parking restrictions on our roads, and citations will be processed through the Circuit Court.

Township Ordinance No. 2005-0118 provides for fines not to exceed $250 for any vehicle not in compliance with posted parking restrictions. In various areas, parking may be restricted completely, or only during certain hours. During the winter, there will be no parking allowed on any Township road when it snows one (1) inch or more.

We would appreciate it if you would remind residents in your subdivision, through your association meetings or newsletters, of the following guidelines. Keep ALL vehicles OFF THE STREET whenever a snowfall is predicted so that we can more efficiently use our plowing/salting equipment. Also, residents are not to shovel or plow snow into the street, as it could freeze and cause a hazardous situation with possible legal consequences (605 ILCS 5/9-117 and 605 ILCS 5/9-130). With everyone’s cooperation, we will provide the best job of snow and ice removal possible. Thank you for your attention.


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