Mutual Aid

Mission Statement
It shall be the mission of the members of the DuPage County Public Works Mutual Aid System to assist one another upon request, by pooling resources, assembling task forces, and committing those resources to respond to a declared emergency or disaster.

What is Public Works Mutual Aid (PWMA)?
Organized, Written Program to assist communities that are stricken by a Declared Emergency or Disaster. Providing Equipment and Individuals with expertise in using that equipment to assist a community in need.

PWMA Method

  • Based on mission, what needs to be done.
  • County assembles task forces with all personnel and equipment needed for mission and gives them mode of communication.
  • Responder know what will be expected of them.
  • Allows for an organized, sustainable response.
  • The PWMA system is to help member agencies in the midst of a declared emergency or disaster.
  • Responding communities will only be asked to do things within their skill-set.



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