Highway Frequently Asked Questions

Q: There were different colored flags and paint markings in my front yard. Why?
A:In most cases, this is JULIE, the utility companies in your area are locating underground utilities for a future project.

Q: Why is there a purple flag in my front yard with Downers Grove Township on it?
A:Purple is the JULIE color code for reclaimed water. (Storm sewers are being located).

Q:What happens with the wood chips from the tree they took down in my front yard?
A: The Township recycles them back to the homeowners in the Township. Call the Township to get your name on our delivery schedule. It’s free!

Q: It was really snowing today, my driveway wasn’t clear, so I parked on the street in front of my house last night and received a ticket! Why?
A: The Township has a “No Parking During 1” Snow fall” ordinance! The road must be free from any vehicles to efficiently remove the snow and ice.

Q: My neighbor has weeds that are very high and he will not cut them! What can I do?
A:Call the Township, if it’s in the ROW’s we will mow it. We mow three times a year.

Q: Why are there some sidewalk squares grey and some red?
A: In compliance with the latest federal handicap guidelines, all sidewalk entrances must be red with truncated domes. All our sidewalk entrances will be eventually upgraded as part of our annual concrete maintenance program.

Q: My road was paved about five years ago, why are you putting tar down everywhere?
A: Crack Sealing is a beneficial part of our road maintenance program to extend it’s life.

Q: The street light in front of my house is out, who do I call to get it fixed?
A:Within the unincorporated Township, street lights are maintained by Commonwealth Edison. If you see a street light with a burned out bulb call Commonwealth Edison’s customer service number at (800) 334-7661.

Q: I ordered a load of chips months ago, but I still haven’t received them. Why?
A:Chips are readily available during brush chipping season, off season availability is limited.

Q:Why does the township have brush pickup guidelines? I received a Non-Compliance letter.
A:Unfortunately, residents will leave a big mess in the public ROW without guidelines! With a little common sense and reasonable uniformity in stacking of brush everyone can continue to enjoy our brush pickup service. It is an optional service that most villages have omitted because of liability issues and their residents inability to follow guidelines


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