Unincorporated are residents participating in the Groot refuse service will be entering Year Two of the Township’s three year contract beginning April 1, 2017. February 2016 marked the beginning of the three year contract with Groot Industries Inc. to provide unincorporated residents of Downers Grove Township with competitively priced refuse service. There are four options available for residents to choose from, and all single family residences, both attached and unattached, have the option to choose among the following service options:

  1. Unlimited:  The unlimited option includes unlimited waste, recycling, lawn clippings, 1 bulk item and white goods; as per the contract rates will rise by 57 cents, to $19.57/month on April 1, 2017
  2. Limited:  The limited option includes limited waste, 1 bulk item and unlimited recycling; as per the contract rates will rise by 52 cents to $17.77/month on April 1, 2017
  3. Sticker:  the sticker option includes the purchase of stickers to dispose of waste at the residents choosing; as per the contract rates will rise by ten cents a sticker to $3.60 on April 1, 2017
  4. 2 Cubic Yard Roll Off:  A roll off 2 cubic yard container for waste pick up; as per the contract rates will rise $3 to $63 on April 1, 2017.

By far the most popular option is the Unlimited program, where Groot provides the cart, and the flat Monthly rate is below $20/month.
The feedback to the Township on the Groot Refuse Program has been very positive. Residents that were paying $60 or more a month find paying $20 a month a good deal. Over 60% of all unincorporated residents have signed up for the Groot refuse program.

If you have not signed up, you can get more details by calling the Township Supervisor’s office at 630-719-6610.

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