Meet Wendy Williams

How do you explain how you feel when you are in the presence of Wendy Williams? Refreshed? Energized? Inspired? All three actually, and there are many more that could be listed. This amazing woman and community leader has been a Health Aide at Burr Ridge Middle School for the past eleven years and has been in the nursing field most of her adult life. The children that receive her daily smile and words of encouragement are better for knowing her.

Wendy and her husband Travis are originally from the south suburbs. In those days, she was dealing with some significant health issues, they lost their home and they were in great debt. There came a point in their lives when she knew they “hit rock bottom and through a lot of prayer, God’s grace and mercy changed everything. ” She said at first she fought it, but once they arrived in the area, she began to understand what he was doing. Her years of experience in the nursing field working in hospitals and for various agencies were utilized at Burr Ridge Middle School. This position has led to much joy in her life.

You can’t help but smile when you hear what is the most rewarding part of her job. “Initially, a child may not speak to me. Over time that child warms up and is talking, hugging, asking me for advice. I love these children and their families. When you can touch a child’s heart and soul, that is what brings tears to my eyes.”

Looking at her, you know she means that from the deepest part of her heart.

When not spending time at Burr Ridge Middle School, Wendy is very active in the community. She is a part of the Book Club for the kids, which is run by Indian Prairie Library. Then there is Saturday School where kids get academic support and one day they may be a part of College Club which gives kids experiences that help them as they think about what happens after high school. Her enthusiasm increased a few notches when talking about a new endeavor, True Eagle Beauty, which is a mentoring program for young women. A colleague of hers from another school district started this program and when Wendy heard about it, she said that it needed to be brought to her school community. It was welcomed with great excitement from the District Superintendent and it was launched in August.

I asked Wendy to share the best piece of advice that she has ever received: “Listen for the voice of God. If you listen, it will keep you humble, obedient and prevent you from making wrong choices.” Her advice to others: “Don’t be selfish and give back. Realize what place you’re in and it will all come back to you one hundred fold”.

Wendy, Downers Grove Township and the Burr Ridge Middle School community are so fortunate to have your heart and passion for others. It is an honor to serve with you.

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