On Tuesday September 17, 2019 the Village of Downers Grove unanimously approved a Redevelopment Agreement with Downers Grove Township. The RDA applies a portion of available Ogden Avenue TIF dollars to the proposed facility project the Township has been working towards for the last three years, which is located within the Ogden Avenue TIF District. This agreement applies to costs for compensatory stormwater storage and sidewalk safety construction related to the Township Center project.

The project has been budgeted with no tax increase and no borrowing. The Township has been working towards this project for several years, and the proposed RDA is a key support allowing DG Township to move forward.
Village management prepared information for the Council, and the link to that is here: http://www.downers.us/public/docs/agendas/2019/09-10-19/ORD%202019-8295%20-%20Downers%20Grove%20Township%20Redevelopment%20Agreement%20-%209-10-2019_14691.pdf
Township Supervisor Thoman, as well as Township elected officials and staff, representatives of partner charities attended the meeting.

Said Supervisor Mark Thoman “I was appreciative of Mayor Barnett taking time from his busy schedule to visit and see what we’re planning and why, and he even made suggestions how to make the building more future-proof.

“With this agreement we’ll begin rolling out plans and detailed descriptions of the work to be done. We already have a ton of planning information on our transparency page, and you can follow how the project began and evolved to its present form, with all the steps we’ve taken so far, in the Documents Section of our Transparency Pages.

“This is a classic example of multiple local units of government, in this case the Township, the Village of Downers Grove, and Consolidated High School District 99 North Campus, collaborating, coordinating, and cooperating to help all three agencies better serve residents of all ages. As well, our long time partner FISH Food and Clothing Pantry will benefit from easier access for their clients, and the DuPage Senior Citizens Council will be able to stage Meals on Wheels to southeast DuPage County more effectively and efficiently. These are both Not-For-Profit organizations that will benefit tremendously from the new facility. CHSD99 North students will benefit from a field STEM lab supporting Environmental Science classes, as well as safer access to and from the NW side of DGN’s campus.

“We’re pleased at the unanimous support from the Village Council for this project. The Township and Village have a long history of collaborating, cooperating, and coordinating, most recently when we sold land to enable redevelopment of the Saratoga/Ogden Avenue intersection. This latest agreement affirms a shared vision of improved services to senior citizens and those in need across our Township.”

Supervisor Thoman at the Village Council on 9/10

Supervisor Thoman’s complete Village Council meeting comments about the nature and partnerships for the new building begin at the 1:01:36 mark of the Village of Downers Grove 9/10 Council meeting video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msCXYVMZpKg

More information is available on the Township transparency page including the April 2019 presentation at the Annual Towns Meeting. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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