Annual Town Meeting

An important part of the Clerk’s job is holding the Annual Town Meeting (“ATM”). The Township Clerk is the only township official acting in an official capacity at the ATM. Everyone else attends as registered voters of the Township. By State law the ATM is held on the second Tuesday of April unless this occurs during Passover when the date may be changed. The Township Clerk selects the venue where the ATM is held each year. Notice of the time and place is published in the local newspaper and posted at various libraries in the Township 10 days before the meeting.

The Clerk must obtain from the DuPage county election commission a copy of all registered voters in the township. Only registered voters of the township may vote at the ATM. The agenda for the meeting is adopted at a regular Township Board meeting at least ten days before the meeting. The Clerk’s duties at the ATM include: calling the meeting to order, reading the rules of the meeting and the legal notice, calling for moderator nominations, administrating the Oath of Office to the moderator, reading of the financial statement (unless waived by vote of attendees) and any resolutions that will be presented for vote. Cub/Boy Scouts or Brownie/Girl Scouts present the colors and lead in the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of the ATM. All in attendance have a chance to speak on matters pertaining to the Township. Many residents of the Township take part in this annual meeting process every year.

Lorraine Grimsby
Town Clerk
Downers Grove Township


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