Identity Theft – a new scam to obtain personal information

Banks issue new debit and credit cards with embedded computer chips in an attempt to protect consumers. Scammers are using this as an opportunity to garner personal information from victims. You receive an email, seemingly from your bank, informing you that you will soon be receiving your new chipped credit or debit card. The message may even include the bank’s logo and email address in order to appear authentic. You are told to confirm your account information by replying to the email or clicking on a link to continue the process. Don’t do it! The scammer can steal your identity with this personal information, or you may unknowingly download malware to your computer by clicking the link. Be wary of emails containing links or attachments and those that do not contain your name and the last digits of your account number.

Job Scam on the Networking Site LinkedIn

The victim answered an ad to be a driver to transport seniors. She was told she would receive a check for her services in advance and to deposit a $2,355 check and keep $355 as compensation for the first week of work. She was then told to send the remaining $2,000 to the sender, which she did. The money was initially credited to her account but later returned for insufficient funds. Sadly, she was out the $2,000 in addition to her bank’s NSF fees. She could have avoided this scam by refusing the check and insisting that the employer wire her the money. She should have also waited until she confirmed with her bank that the check had cleared the sender’s bank.

To report a scam, contact the Illinois Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-243-0618.

Source: Milton Township S.A.L.T. Council meeting, 10/13/15.

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