You may not realize that your boarding pass contains a lot of personal information. It includes your name, record locator, frequent flyer number and information about current and future flights. This information is concealed in the barcode or QR code. The boarding pass and can be read by scanners that are available on the Internet to anyone with a mobile phone or a computer.

Once your boarding pass information has been scanned and read, your account can be accessed on the airline’s website. A hacker can then change your seat number or even cancel or re-book a reservation that you have on a future flight. Moreover, the airline’s site includes your telephone number, which enables the hacker to find out where you live. Since the hacker then knows the departure and return dates of your future flight as well as where you live, the possibility exists that your residence could be burglarized while you are away.

How to prevent a hacker from obtaining your boarding pass information:

1) Do not throw out your boarding passes while traveling, and do not leave them on the airplane. Wait until you get home to destroy them. These passes should be shredded.
2) Do not post pictures of your boarding pass on any online social media sites. If you do, a hacker can easily gain access to your personal information via the barcode or QR code.

Source: USA Today. Copied and printed with permission from Milton Township
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