Multiple broods of flood mosquitoes expected across IL over next two weeks.

This May hs been the wettest on record. Continual rains have limited the distribution of larvicides, exacerbating the problem. the entire area is bracing for record blooms of biters once the rains ease up. Multiple broods are expected over the next two weeks, and nuisance levels will be high.

Tip & Toss to Fight the Bite

We encourage all residents to tip and toss any standing water around your property to minimize breeding. Larval source reduction is the single most important thing residents can do to stay safe outdoors.

Limit Exposure

  • Avoid or limit being outdoors at dawn and dusk when biters are most active.
  • Wear long pants and long sleeves.
  • Apply a CDC-recommended repellent like DEET whenever outdoors.

Downers Grove Township covers most of the unincorporated areas of the Township and we work closely scheduling any sprays with municipalities. Be aware most budgeted sprays are reserved for disease carrying broods. That said, if you see standing water —

Report it!

We contract with Clarke. Standing water and nuisance levels need to be reported so problematic breeding sites can be addressed. Please use Clarke’s new online Resident Hotline link HERE to report this information to assist in control measures. Residents can also go to the Resident Hotline to sign up for text or email notifications for scheduled adult mosquito control applications are scheduled in your area.

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