Despite the lousy weather, volunteers came through again and helped deliver 341 five pack boxes of frozen meals, with water, crackers, and fruit cups, to senior residents of Downers grove Township.

The 1,705 meals for October brings out total for the program to just over 10,000 nutritionally balanced meals delivered to our senior residents.

We don’t know if we can do these again this year. We do the pick ups in the street outside our south entrance: we can’t be sure the weather will cooperate, and we don’t want our volunteers getting sick being outside in bad winter weather.

Once the Township Center is complete we could do this if the need arises again, because we will have a “pull through” parking lot. Another reason this new facility is long overdue for our residents!

Lastly, I didn’t get a chance to take a picture this month. Tied up in construction meetings! MT

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