Mark Thoman

Mark and his wife Jaci have two grown sons, and have been Downers Grove residents for 37 years. He earned his BA from NIU. He brings a wealth of private sector experience to the Township as President of ST Marketing, Ltd., and as General Partner of TILP, an investment partnership focused on supporting the family farmer.

As a Township volunteer Mark served as Chair of the township Senior Advisory Committee and the SALT Council. He was one of the founders and creators of the Friends for Downers Grove Township Seniors, a not-for-profit that supports Township social services.

Mark’s public service also includes serving as a Plan Commissioner in Downers Grove, and as a member of the Comprehensive Plan Committee in 2010-2011 and again in 2016. He’s on the Board of Directors for the Pierce Downer’s Heritage Alliance, a not-for-profit that supports environmental education and historical preservation efforts in Downers Grove.



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