S.A.L.T. Council (Senior & Lawman Together) – is a consortium of the Township, Law Enforcement and Fire Protection agencies, as well as other civic organizations with the purpose of educating seniors about safety and crime protection,

File of Life – is a card that lists your vital medical information to assist emergency response personnel. The card fits inside a magnetic pouch that is placed on the refrigerator door for immediate access. A pocket size card is also provided and accompanies you to the hospital, available for $1.00 at the Township.

Home Safety Inspection – professionals from local police and fire departments inspect your home and recommend simple guidelines for safety and security. Advising on steps you can take to reduce the risks of burglaries, fires or injuries. To request an inspection call the Township at (630) 719-6686.

Visor Cards – available for drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing. These cards are used to alert traffic officers about a possible communication problem and are available at the Township.

Guardian System – an automated well-being phone call made at a prearranged time. If you fail to respond, help is sent to your home. For more information, call the DuPage County Sheriff’s office at (630) 407-2400.

Free 911 Emergency Cell Phones (Cell Link) – phones provided to seniors and programmed to dial 911 in an emergency. Cannot make or receive other outside calls. Information and registration contact DuPage County Sheriff’s office at (630) 407-2317, Link.

Personal Response Devices – designed to summon help in an emergency by pressing a “button” on a pendant you wear. Causes the telephone to dial an emergency number. Services may also include medication reminders and motion sensors. Companies that offer this service:


Disaster in DuPage – severe and disastrous weather such as floods, power outages, winter storms and tornados. Recovery depends on the planning and preparation

Find out more about how to prepare at

SPARR (Sheriff’s Program for At-Risk Residents) – stores personal information and a photograph of registered persons. Participant wears a bracelet that has a SPARR number imprinted on it and provides rescuers with immediate access to information. Information and registration contact DuPage County Sheriff’s office at (630) 407-2400,

Medic Alert + Alzheimer’s Association Safe Return – A 24-hour nationwideemergencyresponse service for individuals with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. Provides assistance for those who wander or have a medical emergency, no matter when or where the person is reported missing. For more information contact (888) 572-8566,, email – mailto

ICE (In Case of Emergency) – a program that enables emergency personnel to contact someone, in case of an emergency. Enter the name of your emergency contact(s) in your cell phone address book under the name “ICE.” You can list multiple emergency contacts as “ICE1?, “ICE2?, etc. IMPORTANT – in an emergency dial 911.

Home Modifications – tools and assistive devices, which may improve mobility and independence from the Illinois Assistive Technology Project. For more information contact (800) 852-5110 V/TTY,

Minor Home Modifications – the DuPage Senior Citizens Council, Home Maintenance Program aids in the installation of grab-bars, handrails, and smoke detectors. Also offered is a referral list of insured contractors. Information call (630) 620-0804 ext.105.

Adult Protective Services – programs that provide assistance for adults unable to act on their own behalf, manage their affairs, in immediate danger due to physical or emotional abuse, living in unsafe or hazardous conditions, dealing with exploitation, neglect or abandonment. Contact DuPage County Senior Citizens Services (800) 942-9412. All calls are confidential. If the person is in immediate danger, dial 911.



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