The Town Clerk is vested with many duties and responsibilities throughout the year. Some of the legal responsibilities are maintaining records for the township and highway departments, administering oaths, taking township board minutes and completing the proper filings with the county and state. Many other duties are performed by the Town Clerk, such as: creating agendas and board meeting packets, conducting the annual town meeting, arranging press releases and public notices, serving as Freedom of Information Act Officer and your Local Election Official. If you have questions, please email or call the Town Clerk’s office at (630) 719-6613.

Board Meetings are on the third Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. and are held in the Meeting Room at the Township office, 4340 Prince Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515.



Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Freedom of Information Request Form
American With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Prevailing Wages Ordinance

Functions & Services Provided

Maintains records for the Township
Creates Board meeting agendas
Takes Board meeting minutes
Conducts the annual town meeting
Serves as local election official

Recent News

  • April 20th, 2017 Monthly Board Meeting – RESCHEDULED April 20, 2017 The Township Board Meeting normally scheduled for April 20, 2017, has been rescheduled due to a server error: Rescheduled Date: May 4th, 2017 Where: Meeting Room – 4340 Prince Street, Downers Grove, IL When: 7:30 pm View and download the meeting agenda. In the process of changing over to our new server on 4/13, the website reset to an earlier ...
  • Did You Know? – Townships are mandated to provide General Assistance… April 10, 2017 Townships are mandated to provide General Assistance. This is a financial aid program for those who are not qualified for categorical assistance (state or federally funded aid). The primary goal of Township General Assistance is to get people back into employment. For more information about this program, contact our Case Manager at (630) 719-6610.
  • Did You Know? – The Senior Citizens’ Homestead Exemption annual renewal… April 3, 2017 The Senior Citizens’ Homestead Exemption annual renewal (status) cards are sent to qualified taxpayers each year around the middle of April and must be returned to the DuPage County Supervisor of Assessments Office to confirm continuing eligibility. The Downers Grove Township Assessor’s Office will accept completed renewal cards and personally deliver them the DuPage County. ...
  • Did You Know? – Downers Grove Township launched its’ peer jury program… March 27, 2017 Downers Grove Township launched its’ peer jury program in November 2000 with one site and fifty jurors. Since that time, the program has expanded to three sites and anywhere from 175 to 225 trained jurors who are high school students. For more information about our peer jury program, you can visit our website. You can ...
  • ANNUAL TOWN MEETING – AGENDA – APRIL 11, 2017 March 22, 2017 Attached is the Legal Notice and Agenda for the upcoming Downers Grove Township Annual Town Meeting (ATM) Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 7:30 p.m., at Ashyana Banquets, 1620 75th Street, Downers Grove, Illinois 60516 for registered Township voters to participate in the transaction of business of the Township. Doors will open at 6:15 p.m.; advance check-in ...
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