Mosquito Abatement

The Downers Grove Township contracts with Clarke Environmental Management for mosquito abatement control in unincorporated areas in co-operation with the municipalities in the Township. Clarke Environmental is committed to providing the residents of Downers Grove Township with environmentally safe abatement services by utilizing “friendly” larvacide. Although it is lethal to mosquito larvae, it is harmless to all other forms of plants, animals and humans. Their aggressive approach to control includes vehicle disbursement, helicopter spraying of heavily wooded areas and individual backpacking abatement specialists that target those hard-to-get-at spots where mosquitoes love to breed. Clarke is committed to our comfort and safety there are many things we can do to assist in elimination and control of mosquitoes. To help homeowners aid in the fight against mosquitoes, Clarke has developed the following checklist.

What can you do?

  • Empty, remove, cover or overturn any outdoor receptacles that could collect and hold rainwater.
  • Empty plastic wading pools after each use and turn them over.
  • Discard old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles or any water-holding containers or store them inside.
  • Fill or drain low places in the yard.
  • Keep drains, ditches and culverts clear of weeds and trash so water can drain properly.
  • Cover trash containers to keep out rain water.
  • Keep grass short and shrubbery well trimmed around the house.
  • Repair leaky plumbing and outdoor faucets.
  • Change the water in bird baths or plant pots at least once a week.
  • Clean out clogged roof gutters and drain flat roofs.
  • Fill holes in trees with sand or mortar or drain and spray them.

Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management to the Mosquito Abatement (Zika Virus) –
For more information on the Zika Virus, here is a Zika Fact Sheet.
For more information, see DuPage County – Fight the Bite.



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