Permits are required for all work within the right-of-ways and for some projects on private property. Any time work is done in the right-of-way or street in front of your property, a permit is required. If the Township issues a permit which includes a construction bond, the bond is fully refundable upon completion, provided no damage is found to township property. Should there be any damage to the sidewalk, ditch, curb or road that is not corrected, we will make repairs and deduct the cost from the bond. There will be a $25 non-returnable inspection fee added to all bonds. In some cases the Township will issue a waiver where there is no cost involved.

Driveway lights, underground sprinkler systems and invisible fences will not be allowed within the R.O.W. Existing systems with previously signed covenants will be grandfathered in, with responsibility continuing to be ultimately the homeowners. (Maintenance, etc. will be permitted, nothing new can be added.)

Please call the Township before coming in for a permit (630) 719-6620. This may save you an unnecessary trip. Waivers can be issued over the phone and provided for pick-up, mail or fax.

Entrance Culvert Permit (ECP)

  • New Construction Requirements

Sketch or drawing of driveway dimensions and location on property must be reviewed before permit will be issued. Contractor/homeowners are required to call for inspection before final driveway approach is completed.

  • Driveway Requirements

Curb and Gutter Areas: Brick drives may extend to curb with Driveway Covenant signed.
Open Ditch Areas: Brick drives and concrete must end 2ft before culvert, asphalt from culvert area to road.

There is to be no dumping or stockpiling of any material in the street or R.O.W. during construction. All construction supplies must remain on private property.

*Dumpsters are to be placed on your property only, not in the street or R.O.W.

ECP Bond Schedule

Demo Only$1,000
Demo/New Construction$2,500
Driveway - Reconstruction$1,000per drive
Driveway - Industrial$3,000per drive
Driveway - New$1,000per drive
In-ground Pool$1,000
Slabs (for sheds or utility buildings)$500

Highway Permits
Highway permits are required for any digging in the right-of-way. This is to ensure proper restoration. Contractors must provide the Township with a Certificate of Insurance, plan of work, time frame and expected restoration date. Bonds are based on engineers estimate of entire job and engineers estimate of restoration needed or per schedule. Inspection is required before road patch is backfilled. Road crossings must be backfilled with 3/4” stone with 3” asphalt binder and 3” asphalt surface used. Open cut road crossings are not allowed.*

Highway Bond Schedule

Work to be done in Public R.O.W.$1,000per connection*
Sewer$1,500single auger
Water$1,500single auger
Open Cut**$2,500minimum fee based on work to be done
*Sewer and water connections to existing services with no directional boring required.
**Only with the approval of the Highway Commissioner.

Some projects require DuPage County Building Permits, but we issue waivers for them when they are entirely on private property, e.g.:

  • Above-ground Pools
  • Alarm Systems
  • Decks (hand-poured piers)
  • Electrical/Plumbing work
  • Fences
  • Interior Remodeling
  • Red-tagged Projects (completed)
  • Re-roofing
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Sheds*
  • Siding
  • Signs (except large billboards)

*Sheds require E.C.P. if your shed will require a concrete slab as a foundation.

Bond Refunds
To get a bond refund, call our office to set up an inspection of the street and the right-of-way. The permit/bond is fully refundable after the project is completed if no damage is found. Should there be any damage that is not repaired, we will make repairs and deduct the cost from the bond. Bonds expire 2 years after issuance, unless special arrangements are made with us.

This is only a guide and not all-inclusive. Permit fees are subject to change. Any expenses (such as lawyer fees, restoration of the right-of-way, removal of unauthorized drainage pipe, bank charges for returned checks, etc.) incurred by the Township due to any issue involving a permit are the responsibility of the obligor designated on the permit/bond.

Any unauthorized work may be removed by the Township, with costs assessed to the homeowner.

Please call the Township before coming in for a permit (630) 719-6620. This may save you an unnecessary trip. Waivers can be issued over the phone and provided for pick-up, mail or fax.

For permit information with DuPage County go to:


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