Brush Pickup Program - Unincorporated Areas We have established the following dates for our Brush Pickup Program, covering UNINCORPORATED AREAS ONLY.  Please remember that while these are our target dates, delays (due to equipment failure, weather conditions, etc.) are always a possibility. Crews will only pass a house once during the scheduled pickup period. Area
  • County Line Rd. west to Route 83
    • Spring -4/17/17
    • Fall - 8/28/17
  • Route 83 west to Clarendon Hills Road
    • Spring - 5/1/17
    • Fall - 9/11/17
  • Clarendon Hills Road west to Cass Avenue
    • Spring - 5/15/17
    • Fall - 9/25/17
  • Cass Avenue west to Main Street/Lemont Road
    • Spring - 5/30/17
    • Fall - 10/9/17
  • Main Street/Lemont Road west to Woodward Avenue
    • Spring - 6/12/17
    • Fall - 10/23/17
Christmas Tree Pickup The first two weeks of each year. Definition of Brush Branches from bushes, shrubs and trees. Guidelines Brush is to be placed on the parkway no earlier than one week before the pickup is scheduled to start in each area, and no later than 7:30 am on the date pickup begins. All brush must be cut in lengths under 6' with pieces no larger than 3" in diameter. We prefer that all brush be securely bundled with string or twine; no bundle should exceed 25 pounds. Wire is not acceptable for tying bundles. Items which do not conform to these guidelines will not be picked up by the Township; it will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of them. Non Compliance We do not pick up: flowers, grass clippings, leaves, lumber, logs, plants, roots, stumps, thorny branches, weeds, and anything in bags or other containers. NO EXCEPTIONS. View PDF of Non Compliance. View PDF for the Brush Pickup Program 2017.  

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