On Thursday, September 21, 2017 the DG Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved a Resolution opposing a proposed asphalt batching facility at 9900 S. Rt.83, in the SE corner of unincorporated DG Township. The Resolution can be found here.

Township Supervisor Mark Thoman, who spoke against the proposed facility at the DuPage County ZBA meeting on August 16, 2017, adds: “The introduction of an asphalt batching facility, at this location, in such close proximity to residents living in residential zoned areas; introducing several types of health compromising emissions to the air, ground, and watershed; introducing accelerated road wear and its associated expenses to the taxpayers; introducing noise and agitation; introducing all of the above and more to the residents and taxpayers of this area beyond any doubt impairs the public health, safety, comfort, and general welfare of the citizens of Southeast DuPage County. It creates a nuisance, a health hazard, and a diminution of land values that several hundred residents did not ask for, and do not deserve being burdened with.”

The Township Resolution joins a similar Resolution opposing the facility approved by the Village of Burr Ridge, also located in SE DuPage County. The next County ZBA meeting regarding this issue is scheduled for Thursday, September 28 at 6pm, at the Jack T. Knuepfer Administrative Building, 421 North County Line Road, Wheaton IL 60187. Confirmation of meeting time, place, and agenda can be had by calling 630-407-6700.

UPDATE 11/21 — The owners of the proposed asphalt batching plant have withdrawn, without prejudice, their petition. Without prejudice means they can come back later and refile. Township Supervisor Mark Thoman said “The petition has been withdrawn but not permanently,. It’s unfair to residents to leave them hanging like this. We’ve asked the County Development Department to notify the township should the petition come back. The Township opposes creating a potential health hazard for our residents.”


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