“I’ve been attending since the Car Care Clinic began and will continue to come back every year.”

September 29 turned out to be a great day for the Senior Car Care Clinic hosted by the Westmont Fire Department and Lynn Dralle. The event is sponsored by the Downers Grove Township Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) and Seniors and Lawmen Together (SALT). Additionally, Emergency Management Agency (EMA) volunteers directed traffic and helped seniors sign in!

Forty-three cars participated in AARP’s CarFit program (overseen by George Goodwin). Volunteers checked lights, mirrors and seat position- all in relation to the drivers’ sightline, height and distance from the steering wheel. This last item can make a huge difference if an airbag deploys during an accident!  Additionally, some incredible young volunteers, from the Sheriff’s Department Explorers Program, checked and filled tires and spares.

Next in line were volunteer mechanics representing local automotive businesses such as Kubis Auto Body, Route 66, Firestone and Gus’s Auto Repair. Without them, this event would not have been possible. One resident commented that they “… went above and beyond their duty. and very possibly saved my life. by pointing out expired emergency flares I was carrying in my car.”

The inspection for senior cars included fluids, hoses and batteries. Washer fluid was filled for free (donated by Route 66 & Bob’s Auto Repair), and as an added bonus, seniors addressed their concerns with the mechanics, while the mechanics mentioned their concerns to seniors.

Finally, seniors stepped out of their cars briefly, enjoyed refreshments, visited agency tables for goody bags of information and coupons. PACE, AAA Motor Club, Westmont Park District, Independence4Seniors, Friends for Downers Grove Township Seniors (FFDGTS) and Township staff were on hand to answer questions. Alison Clemens (Clemens Enterprises Inc.), a SAC member, offered to laminate new Medicare Cards.

All in all, many services and lots of information were packed into a 3-hour time slot! Nearly half the attendees received a raffle prize in the mail donated by Fu Many thanks to our residents and volunteers who participated in our annual event!

More information will be available in January!


Cathy Rager

Senior Services Coordinator

Downers Grove Township

Phone: 630-719-6686

Email: cathy.rager@dgtownship.com (Township Liaison for FFDGTS)

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